“Street harassment is a biological instinct:” Area Gym Teacher

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.04.17 PM

Area man, Jay Wiltshire carries groceries he paid for to a car he parked legally.

TORONTO, ON — “Street harassment is just a natural instinct,” says a local gym teacher who resists throttling his son’s bully.

“Whenever I see an attractive woman who’s staring at her phone or just standing there kinda frowning, I have to say something. It’s called biology,” Jay Wiltshire, 37 told us after turning down a pecan fudge sample near the supermarket exit.

“I mean, I’m a man, right? Dudes have urges, it’s the way it is,” said the father of four obnoxious children he hasn’t spanked.

“Look, we evolved as a violent species. It’s in our nature,” he said, exchanging nods with a driver who almost hadn’t seen him when pulling out of their parking spot.

“Expecting me to just stop something I’m wired to enjoy doing is simply unreasonable,” he continued, making sure the gear from his weekend fishing trip was still secure before going home to grade English papers for the class where he’s substituting for the next two weeks.

“Street harassment? That’s just nature playing itself out. It’s a jungle out there,” Jay finished, using a language with roughly a million words in it to describe his thoughts.


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