Safety. Humility. Importance. Anatomy of a Harper Photograph.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.59.59 PMBehold the peaceful background. Cool, open air with protective clouds and still waters. You might find a sleepy lighthouse nearby, or maybe you hear the sounds of gulls flying overhead. All is calm, all is well.

In the foreground He occupies the right half of the frame, facing the edge, as if to suggest both forward motion and a confidence in facing an unknown; an unknown obscured by what might be part of an aircraft or heavy machine; nonetheless a not-yet-visible future He is facing so you don’t have to. He is on His way Somewhere to do Something Important, and yet just before disappearing into the void he looks to us to offer a simple, humble smile.

“Safety”, the voter thinks.

The background is peaceful and yet empty, grey, and vast. But His position and posture in the foreground is solid and strong, bespeaking Certainty. He is large, but not larger than the Task he is facing or the beauty of Creation he is protecting. The mountain above the Conservative “C” is brighter, more square and rigid, as if to say,

“The horizon is a little closer with us.”

By contrast to the greyish background He appears youthful and colourful. He is broad-shouldered, cloaked in a cape-like windbreaker, but with business attire just peeking out, as if to suggest a perpetual Casual Friday under His Stable Leadership. Like a warm coffee on a rainy car ride, He is just the thing we need to weather the storm.

He looks at us with unpretentious wisdom, and yet enough self-assuredness that he need not look or point directly at the “Sign Up” displayed at his torso, as if to say,

“Come with me. I know the way.”


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